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A natural leader with a highly successful track record, JS has over 31 years of experience in the E&P industry. He co-founded EnQuest with a vision to deliver world class project management services to the E&P companies.

Prior to turning an entrepreneur, JS was the CEO of Jubilant Energy where he was instrumental in building an attractive asset portfolio, trebling the production of the company & along with partners made the major KG gas discovery. During his brief stint of 18 months, Jubilant saw meteoric rise in its valuation. Prior to taking up the assignment with Jubilant, JS was Cairn Energy’s Asset Manager of its Rajasthan asset and gave India its largest onshore oil discoveries (Mangla, Aishwarya&Bhagyam) in 2004. It was because of his entrepreneurial and drilling project management skills that JS was instrumental in various successful exploration/development campaigns for Cairn Energy in India.

Richard (“Rich”) Steven Paces

Mr. Paces has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas exploration and production industry with broad experience in executive and general management, operations, production, development, project management, exploration, exploitation, reservoir engineering, drilling, testing, construction, plants, process facilities and maintenance.

Mr. Paces has worked onshore and offshore (including deepwater) with both large and small multinational companies like Amoco, Cairn Energy, Marathon Oil, Oilex & Noble Energy and has a variety of international experience working in the USA, Trinidad, China, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Equatorial Guinea and Australia. Besides his leadership and ability to get an organization to focus on delivering outstanding business results one of the major strength is his ability to quickly assess a situation or problem and make sound business decisions with appropriate stakeholders involved.

MP Pant

A professional engineer with nearly 35 years of experience in the industry, MP Pant has experience of operating and managing several onshore & offshore (including deepwater) drilling projects.

Having worked on the drilling rigs, both onshore & offshore, during his first half of the career rising to the level of OIM he moved over to Schlumberger as their IPM supervisor for a 3 year development campaign for a client off the east coast of India. Subsequent to this project he took up an assignment with Cairn Energy as a Drilling Superintendent where he was responsible for managing 3-5 simultaneous rig operations after which he worked with Shell where he spent 3 years on their HPHT well operations in Oman.

Mr. Pant has been with EnQuest right from its inception and has directly managed most of the projects executed this far. As Vice President of Operations, besides managing the drilling team, Mr. Pant is also responsible for developing the company’s policies and procedures for successful delivery of these projects.

Anthony (Tony) Beckett

With a PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Tony has nearly 45 years of experience in the drilling business having worked with most majors and independents across the globe. He was one of the pioneers of the industry to plan and drill the horizontal ERD wells in the 1980s. After various assignments with Amoco in US, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Norway, supervising land, semi-submersible and jack-up rigs, he became an independent consultant in late 1987 and has since then consulted with Marathon & BG for their onshore & offshore (including deepwater) campaigns in various parts of the world which included Tunisia, Philippines, Australia, North Sea, Rocky Mountains, Pakistan & the Mediterranean.

He has also managed Cairn’s Indian drilling operations in Ravva, KG shallow water, KG deepwater, Cambay and early exploration in Rajasthan. Following this, he worked with Transocean/ONGC on their initial deepwater exploration campaign.

Co-founder of Antira Engineering Ltd along with EnQuest, Tony has been instrumental in project managing various drilling projects both onshore & offshore (including deepwater) for various companies besides conducting special studies and organizing training schools, writing area specific drilling operations manual, design and management of kill operations on geothermal underground blow-out.